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NCAA Football Rankings – Week 5

Here’s the rankings after the 5th week. Oregon is all the way up to number 1! My ranking system really looks like I have a Pac-10 bias. And thinking about it, maybe I have an offensive power bias (although defensive ability plays a key part in my system), which would be a Pac-10 bias. We’ll [...]


NCAA Football Rankings – Week 3

Hmmmm. I know my system really doesn’t work until at least half way through the season. However, it’s looking not bad. If you compare it to the official polls, you’ll see a good number of similarities (as well as good number of differences). (For you bigger nerds out there who were following my ranking strategy, [...]


NCAA Football Rankings – Week 2

I’m very curious to see if my ranking system starts weeding out the FCS teams naturally. Oddly enough, if I take out the FCS schools (other than games played against FBS schools) then Cal is ranked #1 overall! Go Bears! This is due to the 105 points the Golden Bears have amassed so far. But [...]


NCAA Football Rankings – Week 1

FOOTBALL!!!! So I’m very excited that football season is here. To celebrate, I’ve turned my ranking engine on, and I’m gonna start ranking teams right away! First off, you may recall long ago that I created a ranking engine for my March Madness brackets. I have updated my algorithm many times, and without going into [...]

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