…and the livin’ is easy

Summertime!  Okay, it’s not officially for a couple more weeks, but I think many people consider Memorial Day Weekend to be the beginning of summer.  Sara and I kicked off our summer by heading to Palm Springs with my family for the annual Russi shindig down there.  This involves sitting in the sun, playing corn hole, eating, drinking, watching the stars on the roof.  It’s awesome.  Lots of family.

Sara and I haven’t completely filled our summer weekends, but we’re almost there.  If you count September as part of the summer (and why the heck not?), then our plans include:

  • Home brewing lessons
  • I’m running a 10K and the NW Ragnar relay race
  • Sara’s doing a Half marathon
  • Camping (one trip planned so far)
  • 2 or 3 beer festivals
  • 3+ days at the Oregon Country Fair
  • Laguna Beach trip with my family
  • Kayaking lessons (safety stuff, plus a little tour)
  • A visit from my parents
  • Sara’s b-day
  • 2 Weddings
  • 2 Concerts: Regina Spektor and The Shins

I imagine I’ll make specific posts about many of these.  It’s going to be an amazing summer!


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