Mic Check… 1, 2, 3

By popular demand, I’m back! So I haven’t posted in over a year. Something tells me that’s a very common occurrence for someone who decides to blog. I love the idea of blogging, and I want to blog regularly. But I don’t know if I’ve got that in me.

I also really like the idea of vlogging, and I’ve thought, “Maybe I’ll make vblogs like my favorite YouTubers.*” But I’ve done enough video stuff to know that’s actually more work than typing out one of these stream-of-consciousness blogs.

Update Time!

Let’s see,… my last post was in April 2011. Soooo, a lot has happened. To the bullets!

  • I got engaged! We have a date, but it’s not until next year: June 29th, 2013. Wedding specific website coming soon.
  • Went to a couple of weddings
  • Vacations included: two camping trips, a snowboarding trip in Tahoe, Vacouver B.C., Berkeley, and SoCal for Xmas
  • Had a bunch of people visit us in Portland (CC, Davey, Brent, Betsy, and Kyle. Plus my parents before that).
  • Still working at Rentrak. Still liking it. I’ve started calling my self a software developer or programmer when people ask me what I “do.” Weird.
  • I’ve started running on a semi-regular basis. I ran a 5K race in March. I plan on doing a 10K in June.

* In case you’re curious, my favorite vloggers are:

  1. VlogBrothers: A couple of nerdy brothers that live far away and share a channel. Very witty, funny, compassionate people. John (the older one) is also an author of young adult fiction. Sara and I have been reading his stuff: EXCELLENT.
  2. Matthias Wandel: This channel is not quite an vlog. Matthias is a rather awkward woodworker from Canada, that makes a lot of his own woodworking tools (like band saws, or crazy router jigs).
  3. : Common themes include beads, clones, alligator pits, eagle enemies, the emotionally sensitive sun, and explosions. Check it out.
  4. Elmify: Pretty much just a girl talking at the camera. But includes parts of her personality/past-selves personified, and embarrassing stories from her past.
  5. Singing Banana: A mathematician that talks about cool little number facts and often provides puzzles for his audience.
  6. ZeFrankHe’s back! One of the godfathers of video blogging (if you’ve never seen “The Show”, check it out) is back with “A Show”.

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