So I bit the bullet and started a Twitter account. I’m officially @Troatie, but I don’t have any plans on tweeting away. Some day I will, but until then, I wouldn’t go following me just yet. Basically, I got the account cause there are people I want to follow. Now I just need to remember who they are.

Some day I’ll have a job. Following that day, someday, I’ll have a smartphone (or at least an educated phone) that will allow me to tweet on the fly. Then I could see myself actually tweeting. When/if that day comes, I’ll probably throw up the tweets in a widget on the sidebar here.

In other news, the Pac-12 schedule for 2011 was released, and also the Pac-12 a layout of who plays who for the next 8 years. The weirdest news for Cal? None of our OOC games have been scheduled, and we have back-to-back Thursday night games at Oregon and “home” (in AT&T park) against USC.

  • http://www.kimskitchensink.blogspot.com Kim

    I AM FOLLOWING YOU!!! Muah. ha. ha.


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