Ok so you may have noticed that Google has blacklisted my website for containing malware.  Turns out my wordpress site was hacked.  I just a large amount of time trying to get it right again.  Ugh.  I don’t know if I’ve succeeded or not.  We’ll see.  All I have to say is: Why are people so malicious?

In other news, looking way back to my last post: I lied.  I brought my camera but I did not take any pictures.

In positive news Sara and I went to Laguna with my family.  I did take some pictures there.  I’ll eventually post them on my Picasa account.  Sara and I also went to the Bite of Oregon.  This was AWESOME!  Basically a whole bunch of restaurants set up tents by the waterfront.  Sara got a coupon that got us both in for $10.  Then stuff was between $3 and $10 or so.  Lots of really great food.  I had:

  • 3 soft tortilla tacos with 3 Korean BBQ meats (one type each), bean sprouts, cilantro, lime juice.
  • Toasted sandwich with: marionberry jam, hazelnut butter, and bleu cheese
  • 100% Kobe beef “haute” dog with tons of grilled onions and bleu cheese
  • nitro whipped black cherry sorbet topped with balsamic vinegar and piece of a black pepper cone
  • beer

Everything was awesome.  Sara had oodles of good lookin stuff too (white bean and basil veggie burger, marionberry shortcake and something else?).  Oh and we saw Brian Boitano there doing a cooking demo.

  • Kyle

    Wow, that sounds great… Now I’m hungry…

  • http://www.kimskitchensink.blogspot.com Kim

    I didn’t notice, but I’m sorry you were hacked. Glad to hear from you in blog-land!


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