The sweepstakes is over!

So LeBron is going to Miami.  I would like to tell you that I don’t care.  Basketball is not my favorite sport.  I do like going to the occasional game.  But I don’t love it, like I love baseball and football.  That said, I do watch a lot of ESPN (especially in my current “occupationally challenged” lifestyle), and that means I watch of basketball highlights.  And that also means that I have been listening to the non-stop speculation about where LeBron James will be playing next year.  And so I couldn’t help myself and I watched the beginning of the “The Decision” on ESPN: the 1-hour special where LeBron announces where he’ll be playing.

I was promised that the announcement would be in the first 10 minutes.  It was in the first 10-minutes of the interview.  However the interview came after half hour of the program.  Ug.  I want that part of my life back.


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