Ok, I made the switch to a wordpress blog.  There are several reasons I did this:

  • The style of the site was atrocious.  While I still want to make the design myself at some point, wordpress will let me use one of the pre-made professional designs for the time being.
  • All of the password protection and spam filtering on comments is handled automatically.
  • Adding other non-blog pages is also super easy.

All this means, more updates on the site!  Of course, if you look at this site’s archives, I’ve said that many times.  So I guess we’ll see.

  • Mom

    Can you put more color?

  • http://trent.marginallystable.com Trent

    Eventually. Updating the look will come last. I just hated the garishness of before.

  • http://www.kimskitchensink.blogspot.com Kim

    Yeah, you should also enable comment-subscription.


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