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Summertime!  Okay, it’s not officially for a couple more weeks, but I think many people consider Memorial Day Weekend to be the beginning of summer.  Sara and I kicked off our summer by heading to Palm Springs with my family for the annual Russi shindig down there.  This involves sitting in the sun, playing corn hole, eating, drinking, watching the stars on the roof.  It’s awesome.  Lots of family.

Sara and I haven’t completely filled our summer weekends, but we’re almost there.  If you count September as part of the summer (and why the heck not?), then our plans include:

  • Home brewing lessons
  • I’m running a 10K and the NW Ragnar relay race
  • Sara’s doing a Half marathon
  • Camping (one trip planned so far)
  • 2 or 3 beer festivals
  • 3+ days at the Oregon Country Fair
  • Laguna Beach trip with my family
  • Kayaking lessons (safety stuff, plus a little tour)
  • A visit from my parents
  • Sara’s b-day
  • 2 Weddings
  • 2 Concerts: Regina Spektor and The Shins

I imagine I’ll make specific posts about many of these.  It’s going to be an amazing summer!


The Avengers’ play

No, I don’t mean a stage play based on the Avengers (but, hmm….).

First off, NO SPOILERS.  I am going to mention one line that is repeated frequently in the movie, but reveals nothing about the plot… at all…

I saw The Avengers twice this week.  Once as a work outing, and once with Sara, Juliann, and Brad.  Something I noticed just slightly on the first viewing was the slight repetition of a line.  The second time through I listened for it.

The line, or rather the word, is “play”, as in “So that’s your play” or “What’s your play?” or “That was his play all along.”  I didn’t keep a count or anything, but I feel like it was a least a half a dozen times by various characters.  I guess things like that sneak in when you have one person writing a screenplay for many characters.  It wasn’t that weird.  But I did notice it, and it bugged me a little.

That said, I did enjoy the movie, and I would generally recommend it if you’re into super-hero movies.  It’s very well done.  But if you haven’t seen it yet, listen for “the play.”  It pops up a lot.


The NFL Draft and Cal

So a couple of weekends ago was the NFL draft.  Or was it last weekend.  I’m too lazy to check.

For the first time in a few years, Cal didn’t have a player taken in the first round.  That said, 6 players were drafted, most of any Pac-12 school.  That’s pretty awesome!  The biggest surprise of Cal’s draft was maybe the biggest surprise of the entire draft.  Cal punter Bryan Anger was selected by the Jacksonville Jaguars in the THIRD ROUND.  For those of you who don’t know about such things, this was generally considered to be ridiculous.  Most would say that even if he turns out to be the greatest NFL kicker ever – and he is good – it still was way too early.  Kickers usually aren’t drafted.  Usually they’re picked up after the draft as a free agent.  Occasionally, they’re drafted in the 5th-7th rounds.  So time will tell if Anger does well in the NFL.  He certainly was a bright spot for the Golden Bears, and I’m super excited for him.

But with the draft, over I got thinking about how many players does Cal have in the NFL?  There are some great ones out there.  Aaron Rogers and Tony Gonzalez come to mind.  Well now that teams are more or less done signing college free agents, I decided to take a gander.  There are 37 California alumni in the NFL.  That number includes the fresh draftees and free agents (statistically, the free agents might not stay long).  Here’s the list.


Mic Check… 1, 2, 3

By popular demand, I’m back! So I haven’t posted in over a year. Something tells me that’s a very common occurrence for someone who decides to blog. I love the idea of blogging, and I want to blog regularly. But I don’t know if I’ve got that in me.

I also really like the idea of vlogging, and I’ve thought, “Maybe I’ll make vblogs like my favorite YouTubers.*” But I’ve done enough video stuff to know that’s actually more work than typing out one of these stream-of-consciousness blogs.

Update Time!

Let’s see,… my last post was in April 2011. Soooo, a lot has happened. To the bullets!

  • I got engaged! We have a date, but it’s not until next year: June 29th, 2013. Wedding specific website coming soon.
  • Went to a couple of weddings
  • Vacations included: two camping trips, a snowboarding trip in Tahoe, Vacouver B.C., Berkeley, and SoCal for Xmas
  • Had a bunch of people visit us in Portland (CC, Davey, Brent, Betsy, and Kyle. Plus my parents before that).
  • Still working at Rentrak. Still liking it. I’ve started calling my self a software developer or programmer when people ask me what I “do.” Weird.
  • I’ve started running on a semi-regular basis. I ran a 5K race in March. I plan on doing a 10K in June.

* In case you’re curious, my favorite vloggers are:

  1. VlogBrothers: A couple of nerdy brothers that live far away and share a channel. Very witty, funny, compassionate people. John (the older one) is also an author of young adult fiction. Sara and I have been reading his stuff: EXCELLENT.
  2. Matthias Wandel: This channel is not quite an vlog. Matthias is a rather awkward woodworker from Canada, that makes a lot of his own woodworking tools (like band saws, or crazy router jigs).
  3. : Common themes include beads, clones, alligator pits, eagle enemies, the emotionally sensitive sun, and explosions. Check it out.
  4. Elmify: Pretty much just a girl talking at the camera. But includes parts of her personality/past-selves personified, and embarrassing stories from her past.
  5. Singing Banana: A mathematician that talks about cool little number facts and often provides puzzles for his audience.
  6. ZeFrankHe’s back! One of the godfathers of video blogging (if you’ve never seen “The Show”, check it out) is back with “A Show”.

Oh hi there!

Soooo, as I tend to do, I have neglected this blog. What has happened since my last post? Lots. But really there’s only one big thing to tell. I got a new job at Rentrak as a software developer. Wondering what Rentrak does? Here’s a short little funny video:

So that’s exciting. I’m really liking it, and I’m way less stressed (although I sleep in a lot less).


Bowl Predictions

I’ll do one last ranking after all the bowl games. Here’s my bowl predictions based on the same predictor I’ve been using all season. I’m gonna try to make a better predictor next year. I’m only picking 6 upsets (including Oregon over Auburn).

New Mexico Bowl: BYU 21 – UTEP 19
Humanitarian Bowl: Northern Ill. 39 – Fresno State 23
New Orleans Bowl: Ohio 32 – Troy 28
Beef O’Brady’s Bowl: Louisville 30 – Southern Miss 29
MAACO Bowl: Boise State 39 – Utah 22
Poinsettia Bowl: San Diego St 29 – Navy 28
Hawaii Bowl: Hawaii 40 – Tulsa 33
Little Caesar’s Bowl: Toledo 32 – Florida International 24
Independence Bowl: Air Force 32 – Georgia Tech 24
Champ Sports Bowl: West Virginia 23 – NC State 20
Insight Bowl: Missouri 20 – Iowa 17
Military Bowl: Maryland 47 – East Carolina 34
Texas Bowl: Illinois 34 – Baylor 29
Alamo Bowl: Oklahoma State 38 – Arizona 30
Armed Forces Bowl: Army 26 – SMU 23
Pinstripe Bowl: Kansas State 27 – Syracuse 24
Music City Bowl: North Carolina 24 – Tennessee 23
Holiday Bowl: Nebraska 36 – Washington 14
Meineke Bowl: Clemson 18 – South Florida 16
Sun Bowl: Miami (FL) 22 – Notre Dame 19
Liberty Bowl: Georgia 27 – UCF 26
Chick-fil-A Bowl: South Carolina 27 – Florida State 26
TicketCity Bowl: Texas Tech 32 – Northwestern 27
Outback Bowl: Florida 26 – Penn State 19
Capital One Bowl: Alabama 28 – Michigan State 18
Gator Bowl: Mississippi State 33 – Michigan 27
Rose Bowl: TCU 35 – Wisconsin 29
Fiesta Bowl: Oklahoma 31 – Connecticut 23
Orange Bowl: Stanfurd 33 – Virginia Tech 26
Sugar Bowl: Ohio State 33 – Arkansas 25
GoDaddy.com Bowl: Miami (OH) 23 – Middle Tennessee 22
Cotton Bowl: Texas A&M 24 – LSU 20
BBVA Compass Bowl: Pittsburgh 31 – Kentucky 26
Fight Hunger Bowl: Nevada 34 – Boston College 16
BCS National Championship Game: Oregon 45 – Auburn 35


NCAA Football Rankings – Week 13

Not much in the ways of comments. I’m still lamenting the end to Cal’s season. I will point that my rankings have Cal as a ranked team, largely due to it’s 6th toughest schedule. And there are 2 5-win teams ranked higher than Cal! What’s that really mean? Two things: 1) no way to account for the loss of Riley. So this ranking reflects the whole season, and not how good they are right now (it’s not a power ranking) and 2) maybe my formulas need adjusting. I plan on doing a big article of analysis of the Cal season after the last week of games.

Oh and Jeff Sagarin’s predictor rankings have Cal ranked 28th. His “ELO_CHESS” rankings (which are used as 1/18 of the BCS rankings) have Cal at 28th.

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NCAA Football Rankings – Week 12

Several things of interest this week. First, my numbers have Stanford as not only the best one-loss team in the country (as many real sports analysts are saying) but as the second best team overall! Could you imagine if the BCS rankings reflected mine?? Oh man, the media would have a field day.

Next, I have Auburn winning the SEC title game, but losing to Alabama this weekend (barely). So that means that either TCU or Boise State could sneak into the title game. My rankings say it should be Boise State, and I think after they beat Nevada this weekend (40-28 I predict), I think the BCS rankings will agree with me.

Lastly, Cal is going to win this weekend and become bowl eligible. Considering how many Pac-10 teams won’t become bowl eligible, that means Cal will probably get a pretty good bowl.

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Bowl Eligibility

Before the UCLA baby bears take on the Huskies of Washington tonight, I thought it appropriate to look at the Pac-10 bowl picture. As of right now, three teams — Oregon, Stanfurd, and Arizona — are bowl eligible. Three teams — Arizona State, Washington State, and due to NCAA sanctions, USC — cannot achieve bowl eligibility. That leaves four more teams, including my beloved Golden Bears, that still have some work to do if they even have a hope of making a bowl.

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NCAA Football Rankings – Week 11

A close win over Cal didn’t hurt the #1 Oregon Ducks in my rankings (nor in the BCS), but it did help Cal a lot. On the other hand, a near loss to San Diego St by the Horned Frogs dropped them all the way to 6th, despite having a perfect record. Why? Look at Oregon’s strenth-of-schedule (SOS) as I see it. Look at Boise State’s and TCU’s. Oregon’s is going to continue to go up too.

And speaking of SOS, Oregon State does not have the number one toughest schedule anymore (a position they had held as long as I’ve been doing SOS this season). It was the addition of Washington St, that hurt it. But finishing the season with USC, Stanfurd, and Oregon will probably bump it back to #1. Right now, Washington is listed as the toughest schedule in the country!

Also, you might note that I now have WSU listed as the #8 team in the Pac-10. Way to go Cougs! But I still have them finishing last in the Pac-10.

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